Why Us


Halal For Health is nurturing relationships directly with farmers to ensure that we know how and where our animals are raised and what they are fed. Also, Halal For Health only contracts with abattoirs and slaughter houses that practice authentic halal procedures with due regard for animal welfare to minimize pre-slaughter stress. This attention to detail ensures that the products you purchase carry the full health benefits of authentic halal meats.

All Halal For Health products are made from only whole natural ingredients and are gluten free. Good grains, high fibre, good fats and unprocessed ingredients allow our bodies to more efficiently process food while naturally positively impacting metabolic processes.

Rest assured that we are looking after your health; we will not produce anything that we do not want to put into our own bodies. We will go above & beyond to identify super foods and incorporate them in our recipes. Our recipes perfectly infuse traditional spices and flavours with convenient western formats.

Through developing value chain alliances, Halal For Health is a Social Entrepreneurship committed to achieving Total, Human, Animal, Social and Environmental Health.

Halal for health the new protein and he next super food phenomenon
Halal is better for health!